Meditation Journal #15

This is a brief Meditation Journal. It is a record of the word/ mantra meditations i used. Sometimes, I may use sense meditation with real objects.

September 8 2019 – word meditation using “smile”. Focus for 60 seconds.

Feedback after the day has passed: Pass the smile on.

September 9 2019 – meditate using a religious image. Sense (of sight) meditation.

Result – The turbulent & stressful thoughts have passed.

September 10 2019 – Meditate while on a walk. (Mindful Meditation) Look at each stimulus in my path. Acknowledge its presence and appreciate its creation. Don’t think of other thoughts. Pay attention to my walk.

Feedback – I felt refreshed after a short outing walking along a road hemmed by civilization, and little bits of nature by the sidewalk.

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