Meaning of dream of WEDDING

Meaning of dream of wedding.

Meaning of dream of wedding

If you are a woman and you dreamed of a wedding, then it may happen for you. If you are single, then you might expect to get married. If you are not single and are already married, then this dream may be a replay of your wedding day. If you have doubts on this and suspect this dream may be about another wedding, then you have to examine other factors, like your relationship with your present spouse. If there are domestic problems and intervention has been tried, then this dream may be a foretelling of what may come in the future. However, if you have not started on counseling and therapy for intervention, you might want to use these before you make your final decisions.

If you are a man and dreamed of a wedding, the same general description as above, may apply to you. The drawing of the bride was just an illustration for the wedding.

Dream interpretation of wedding
A wedding is a strong dream symbol. It stands for an important commitment and passage into another stage of life. A wedding is a documented rite of passage with its accompanying marriage.

If you dream of a wedding without actually planning one, it means you feel the need of telling everyone some important news. If you reflect closely, you will see the similarities between dreaming of a big event like a wedding, and the actual situation in waking reality.

Pie chart on meanings of bride dreams

Pie chart shows dream interpretations of bride dreams
Pie chart on bride dreams

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