How to see your future spouse/s

This is an ancient method whose origins are unclear. This tradition has been passed down for ages. Somebody related this method to me. Some people have tried this and said they saw some images. If you wish to see who your future spouse/s, then follow these steps.

(1) Make sure you have an apple and fruit knife ready in a bowl. You must have a large mirror hanging on a wall, or a dressing table mirror. Choose a room – it should have a dim light, or get candles ready.

(2) Fix a midnight when you’re free to do this ritual. You can set aside the things in step 1, and reserve them for when you’re ready to do this.

(3) At midnight, place the bowl with apple and knife in front of a mirror. Dim the light in the room, or use candle light. Close the door to the room. You need quiet, concentration and privacy.

(4) Standing in front of the mirror, use the knife to start to peel the apple. Look into the mirror periodically. You might be able to see images reflected in the mirror. There could be one, two or several images.

(5) If you are really creeped out, its time to stop peeling the apple, and switch on the strong light. Throw away the apple. Wash the knife and bowl and keep them away. The ritual is finished.

One “scientific” explanation for this could be lucid dreaming. You are so keen to see images of future spouse/s that you dream; or think you saw their images in the mirror. The images could be of people you know and had some romantic illusions on. The power of suggestion may create this illusion of seeing images you desire to see, in the mirror.

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