Me at dentist close up: Mindful Doodles #448

Mindful Doodles #448 – Me at dentist close up

Everyone has a psychological fear of the dentist. We are afraid of dental treatment because it is invasive, reaching into our mouth. Drilling and grinding can cause pain. Tooth extraction is one of the most painful dental procedures. Fear of the unknown makes us delay and postpone dental appointments. We challenge ourselves to make our teeth go a long way without maintenance. Poor teeth.

If you don’t want cavities to eat at your teeth, please use floss sticks or dental floss thread. Clean out the gaps in-between each tooth. Don’t leave food for germs and bacteria to feast on. They erode teeth too.

Getting used to the dentist’s chair.

I’ve met at least two dentists who advocate flossing to clean teeth and protect against cavities. Brushing fails to remove organic matter stuck in-between teeth. When you have less cavities or dental problems, it helps to reduce your dental bill.