Living in a suite inside a hotel (Review)

This is about living in a suite inside a hotel. There are differences between this and a suite in an apartment block.

The hotel suite has amenities of the hotel. There are inhouse restaurants, room service, daily housekeeping and replenishments of beverages, and bathroom toilettries. You walk in to your fridge and bathroom. Your bedroom has a commanding view, especially if your suite is on a high floor.

You can request for an extra bed, at a small cost per night. Sometimes, the hotel may have a permanent facility like sofa bed already incorporated into the suite. You only need to mention you’ll be using the sofa bed and housekeeping will set up the mattress, bed linen, blanket and pillows.

Bed linen are of high quality and they look clean. (Unlike the apartment block’s suite’s linen).

You’ll have a sofa set with a coffee table. This sitting arrangement is generous enough to be a small dining table.

You’ll get a large office table. This can be shared with another member of your family.

The bathroom is large. The toilet may be separated from the shower and bathtub, by a decent partition. This ensures that two people may use the separate areas of the bathroom simultaneously.

Furniture is posh but not too showy. Interior design is meant to make you feel awed and wallow in its comfort.

You can’t cook except to boil water. You can buy no-cook noodles which will hydrate with hot water. You can buy and pack meals and bring them up to your suite to eat.

Room service gives generous portions. One meal can fill your stomach and make it stretch for two meals. If you eat at lunch, you might not need to eat at dinner time. You get your money’s worth. If you feel like eating, snack on fruit, biscuits, ice cream, yoghurt or store bought food.

The hotel suite has more privacy. If you request for a room at the end of a corridor, you’ll hear less footfall and voices in the corridor.

The suites in an apartment block are often designed to be squeezed like sardines in a tin can. The floors are bare. Without carpet to absorb the impact of footsteps, the sounds and other noises are loud.

The disadvantages with suites:

They are very small.

You’re not supposed to bring in your packed boxes. You can bring your luggage which are packed in suitcases. I used to pack everything in boxes. the sales department who rented me the apartment suite failed to tell me that cardboard boxes are not allowed in suites because they cause too much noise and disruption to other neighbors. I was too stressed to repack my boxes by taking out what was absolutely necessary for my daily use. A large suitcase can carry very few things when these are of miscellaneous items of various sizes. Imagine squeezing in everything you need in one day, into a L-sized luggage bag.

Dreaming of your bed.

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