Living in a suite which is not in a hotel (Review)

I stayed for a couple of days in a suite which was not in a hotel building. This was inside a building which had mixed commercial use. Some tenants were offices, company products, a grill restaurant, a childcare. My suite was in a wing with suites built lining the walls with windows. The central aisle was the corridor. It only had a weekly housekeeping service. It resembled a smaller version of a studio apartment, sans sitting room and dining room.

You open the main door and walk into the bedroom space. Your TV is mounted high on the wall opposite the bed. You walk farther inside to the kitchen, which is basically the fridge, water boiler, microwave and sink. You might have an ironing board and iron.

Your work table is a narrow strip against a wall. This prevents taking up space.

The bathroom is opposite the kitchen, or rather, faces the kitchen. It has a shower and toilet.

The suite has little privacy. The walls are semi-permeable to sound. Sometimes, you can hear other neighbors’ TV, or voices. It is unsafe as there could be strangers with malicious intentions who plot to interfere with your life, based on what they glean from your conversations. This means you should avoid talking about your personal particulars, money matters and other sensitive information. In a new and strange environment, you never know who are the trolls who harass victims for their own intentions.

Wood doors are thin and conduct sound. If you’re in the corridor/ aisle, you should not talk because the occupants can hear you. You should not stand still near any door because you might transmit sounds, odors or stimuli that disturb the occupants.

I actually heard some occupants talking about being able to smell people bringing in cooked food like french fries. Or sensing the presence of humans through their B.O. I’m not sure about that. I used to be a Twilight fan and know vampires can smell humans. The majority of humans have poor olfactory glands and can’t sniff through opaque obstacles.

A hotel suite offers better quality in terms of comfort, furniture, and privacy. But of course there are tradeoffs. This will be discussed in another post.

Vitoria’s bedroom (Indelicacy, Cain, 2020, p. 10).

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