Kite flying: Dream Interpretation #26

I met my friend S at a friendship day outing. One of the group activities was kite flying. By day’s end, we had exchanged telephone numbers. Our friendship blossomed and withered within the space of a couple of months. He had to leave the neighborhood. I tried to keep in touch but calling was out of range. My greeting card was not reciprocated. My family said he was no longer interested and I should move on. I thought I could not see a kite without crying for my unrequited interest but after a few years, I managed to keep a straight face and fly past the old memory.

One night, around 22 years after S left, I had a dream:

Dreaming of my old friend S.

Dreaming of kite flying.

Weekly photo challenge pic prompt: Summertime. #photoyogasummertime.

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