Interpret dream of washing

To interpret dream of washing, we can do a basic dream analysis of the symbol and icon’s meaning. Dream imagery of washing means to purify. You can be dreaming of washing a material like clothes, or washing yourself/ hair. The dream interpretation is that you felt unclean and thus needed to dream of washing.

On the other hand, if you were unaware you had become unclean, then this dream of washing is a reminder to go and clean yourself. The clean and unclean does not only refer to the physical aspects of cleanliness. It can also refer to the mental, moral and emotional aspects. Dreaming of washing refers to washing away whatever that needs to be changed.

If you dream of washing someone, it means you are going to take care of that person. If that person is not known to you in real life, it means that image was used to represent a meaning, which is, that you’re going to take care of someone.

If the dreamer is unwell, or suffering any emotional/ psychological wounds, the brain may also create a dream about washing. It wishes you to wash away the negatives, by letting them go. You have grieved enough for your loss and now its time to heal, recover, and move on.

Dreaming of washing clothes before your trip is a no go.