Dream of warts

If you dream of warts on your skin, it means you are worried about your appearance. Perhaps in your daytime, you had seen some blemishes on your skin. This can trigger a dream about having warts.

If you know you don’t have warts, then the dream analysis would be about some intangible blemishes. It could be some problem in your personal outlook, moral values, personality trait or etc. Imperfections can be of two types – real imperfections, or imagined imperfections. If in your dream, you see yourself as having some warts, but in real life you don’t have any warts, it means you have different opinions of reality.

The difference in dream and reality could be due to distortions. What you see you are, is different from what you are.

Warts are normally caused by the growth of virus on the skin. Dreaming of warts can mean you may be having parasites. These can be real parasites in your body, or external parasites. Parasites can appear in the form of people who live off you.

If you dream about having warts, it means …