Interpret dream of many hats

If you dream of many hats, it means you’re going to wear many hats. This is the metaphor for being given many roles to play. You are going to have many responsibilities, represented by the many hats. You get to wear the appropriate hat for each role.

Giving the hat to the child.

Some background about hats:

A hat is a symbol. It lends stylish flair to the wearer. Modern hats date back into the 1950s, when they were worn as an accessory for protecting the head and concealing a bald crown.

What does it mean when you dream of yourself wearing a hat?

Dream interpretations for seeing the hat in dream imagery:

  1. You dream of a hat because it is a message to wear headgear to protect your head. You may have felt that your head and ears were cold and your brain created this dream to remind you how to solve this problem of feeling cold. Or maybe you had suffered feeling hot with heat scorching your head.
  2. Dreaming of wearing a hat can also mean you have a conscious or unconscious desire to hide your head. You may be bald, or having thin hair.
  3. You’re fashionable and you’re constantly improving your style to complement your clothes. Dreaming of wearing a hat is a suggestion on how to add style to your look.