Interpret dream of angels

If you were worried about problems, you may dream of angels. The dream imagery was called up by your anxious state of mind during your day. Dreams continue your current themes and feelings. When you’re stressed, anxious and seeking. Relief, your brain may replay images of rescuers to provide aid to soothe your fears. If you had wished for help, the dream was invented to satisfy your wish of receiving relief and aid.

The deeply religious people may hold different opinions about dreams and their meanings. This group may advocate dreams as being sent from a higher power or the universe.

If your conscience tells you to be like an angel, to choose good over evil, listen. You probably are facing a temptation where you can make choices between selections. Your gut may be telling you to choose the option that is morally right. Then your brain invents the dream about angels to send the message about being an angel.

If you are already in a murky situation, then this type of dream is a warning. It’s message is to choose the right and “angelic” choice of action and behaviors.

To dream of angels can also mean you were searching for role models.

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