Dream of being waiter

If you dream of being a waiter, it means you care to serve people and you’re concerned fir their well-being. Dreaming of being a waiter (or waitress) does not literally mean you work as one. The meaning of this dream is to interpret the symbolism of the waiter.

If you dream of being served by a waiter, it means you desire to be cared for, nurtured and pampered. You should reflect on your current circumstances. Can you make do with some self care? If you have none to serve you, you might consider spending money to pay for services which you need or desire. If you like a mini break, choose a safe activity (during these COVID-19 pandemic times).

Even if you’re being served by a waiter, you need to wait for your food or drink to be prepared, before it can be brought to you. In your dream, you might experience this waiting. If you are made to wait for a long time, it means your dream is telling you that you have to wait for your turn, and for your desired items to be prepared. Perhaps a part of the message is to tell you to wait and be patient.

Dream interpretation of eating alone.

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