Ghost Bride

There are several versions of the how the Ghost Bride came to be known as such.

1. The male ghost is given a living bride when his relatives arrange the matchmade marriage. This male ghost may have appeared to his parents in a dream, to request for a bride.

2. The male ghost is married in a ceremony, to a female ghost. Parents of both deceased bachelor and spinster arrange the marriage. This supposedly pairs spouses for the dead, to keep them company in the afterworld/ underworld.

3. A living male bridegroom is found for an unmarried female ghost, because for various reasons, she desires to be a ghost bride. She may have communicated to her parents that she desired a male bridegroom.

Book about Interpreting Dreams on Dead People, includes reference to ghost brides.

Netflix is airing The Ghost Bride, originally written by Choo Yangsze, a writer from Malaysia. This story is about Tian Ching, a young rich man, who died in the prime of youth. His family found a bride for him. She is Li Lan, a poor young woman, who is forced to agree to marry Tian Ching’s ghost, because her family desperately needs the money offered by the dead groom’s family.

The TV series is filmed in Mandarin language. The film directors are Quek Shio Chuan and Ho Yuhang, who are both Malaysians. The leading actress is Huang Pei-chia, acting opposite the lead actor Wu Kang-jen, also from Taiwan. Another actor is Kuang Tian, better known as a model. Although Kuang Tian is originally from Malaysia, he is based in Taiwan. The movie is set in 1890 Melaka.

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