Meaning of dreaming of dinosaur

If you had been dreaming of a dinosaur, it can mean you are getting a message about yourself. Dinosaurs are extinct and you dreamed of them because your mindset is stuck in a different era, which is not very relevant to the present times.

Dreaming of a dinosaur can mean your present situation is fraught with threat and challenges. You face big difficulties. Your foes are bigger and more powerful. However, they can be outwitted. The dream metaphor of dinosaur also hints that they are fallible and can be defeated. You need to plan on how to manage your situation. You can handle this.

Dreaming of a dinosaur that stands on hind legs –

Seeing dream imagery of a dinosaur on two legs, is more frightening than seeing a dinosaur on four legs. The four legged dinosaur is a distant creature because it stands on four limbs. The two legged dinosaur is a step closer to humans because it stands on two legs. Yet, it is not close in species, as it is a wild and threatening animal. A dinosaur that stands on its hind legs is more scary than its four legged counterpart. It stands on its hind legs, which makes it appear taller than if it was standing on all four legs. A taller (and bigger) dinosaur is more intimidating.

Dreaming of the Pterosaur flying dinosaur –

A flying Pterosaur is a frightening dream imagery. Flying reptiles have a large advantage over humans or smaller animals that do not fly.

Meaning of seeing Yeti (or monster) in dream.

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