#EverydayDayDrawingChallenge #1 Draw a shoe

EverydayDayDrawingChallenge was first started by Twitter user @MonaLisaLivesHe. For some reason that account has been deleted. She compiled 365 drawing prompts to stretch into a year’s worth of ideas.

#EverydayDayDrawingChallenge #1, or #eddc, is January 1 prompt to draw a shoe.

#eddc, #everydaydrawingchallenge, January 1 draw a shoe.

I drew two shoes, each of a different pair. I didn’t color the boot yet, but will do it someday.

If you want to join me, use hash tags  #eddc, #everydaydrawingchallenge and leave your post link here in the comments.

Significance of a shoe
We need to wear shoes before we leave the house. If you dream of shoes, it can mean you expect to go out. It is a kind of pre-cognition, because your brain has processed stimuli and derived at the conclusion that you will be going out.