Dreams when your sleep pattern is disrupted by night shift

What are your dreams when your sleep pattern is disrupted by night shift? Your dreams will be about themes which concern you during your waking reality.

Can you sleep during the day and work at night? What happens when your sleep pattern is disrupted by night shift? Does your body acclimatise to shift work? Can you reverse the old pattern of sleeping at night and working during the daylight hours? Statistics say that around 25% of the population experience difficulties in adapting to this reversal in sleep patterns. Consequently, they face insomnia as they toss and turn in bed to force sleep. A further complication is sleepiness during their night shift which was caused by shortened sleep or unrestful sleep.

Will you dream during sleep in the day? Or are dreams only visiting in the mysterious dark nights? Dreams can occur during sleep in the day. The unconscious brain does not discriminate when to invent dreams. Initially, when you have just began to change your sleep pattern from night into day, you may experience stress as the novelty of sleeping in the day seems strange. This internal mental, psychological and emotional stress can stimulate dreams with anxiety as the main theme. When your body and mind adapts into the change, you may see less of anxiety dreams.

In an average city, around 10% of the workforce run the night shift that makes the city function like clockwork. And a quarter of this 10% experience challenges in training their bodies to sleep well during the daylight hours, in order to function optimally at night.

Dream character steps out into reality
Dream man steps out of dream into living reality

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