Dreaming of your basement

If you have lived in a house with a basement, it is natural for you to have a dream about it. Your old memories and nostalgia for the past, may have triggered this dream.

If you have never lived in a house with a basement, but have dreamed of seeing a basement in your home, then your dream maybe trying to tell you something. A basement is usually used to hold the furnace’s boiler, plumbing pipes and storage of equipment the house tenant wishes to hide away.

If the basement is able to house residents, it may be used as such. However, the living quarters are not ideal and often seen as second class or poor living space.

Dreaming of the basement is not good news. It can mean:

  1. You may have to downgrade your living standards by staying in a basement.
  2. You have something to hide in the basement.
  3. There maybe something in your basement which is of interest or value to you. Go check it out.
Dreaming of a house with strong foundations.

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