Dreaming of waiting for someone

In my dream, I was waiting for someone to show up. He was supposed to do some action to resolve a current problem. It was strange for me to be waiting for such a long time. The person didn’t show up. I was left perplexed and still waiting. I couldn’t perform the act to save the situation. It was not really my call. The dream was puzzling. I woke up to look at my clock on my bedside table and it showed 6 am. It was time for me to wake up and start my morning.

During my day, I reflected on my dream. I wondered what sort of context would have triggered that kind of dream about waiting for someone to do an act that would change the situation. I didn’t know if it was an anxiety dream, or a dream of a warning about an impending threat which needed to be dealt with. I’m leaning towards the anxiety induced type of dream. Recently, I faced the kind of situation where I waited around 11 days for a salesman to show up to take measurements at my site. I didn’t know if he would call to fix my appointment, or when the actual meeting was going to take place. All I could do was carry on with my usual schedule and hope to fit everything in when the arrangements are discussed.

Waiting for the salesman to arrive.

Prompts from OLWG

  1. don’t get up gentlemen
  2. that’s not really my call
  3. she’s right handed but she uses her left to ___

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