Dreaming of growth & liberation

One night I dreamed that my daughter left home without saying good-bye. She was lost for at least two days. Then suddenly, she returned home. I asked her why she left. She said she wanted to transfer to a new school, but was afraid I wouldn’t approve. She ran away from home instead.

The latent meaning of the dream was that the child was growing up to become an independent and unique individual. Leaving home was a symbol of her growth and liberation.

The child-daughter grows up to become the adult-daughter.


Daughter who leaves home because of lack of communication.
Checking her daughter’s school bag to see its contents.

I actually dreamed I opened up her school bag to see what was inside. There were a few books, a pencil case, a couple of bananas, some and candy. Then I woke up from my dream.

Prompts from OLWG #115

  1. the final year of growth and liberation
  2. liquored up
  3. never going home

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