Dreaming of forgetting your age

What is the meaning of dreaming of forgetting your age? This young woman dreamed that she forgot her age.

Dreaming that she forgot her age.

What is the reason for this type of dream? How can a dreamer forget their age in the dream? The thoughts and reality of her desire not to grow up to adulthood, triggered the dream about not knowing her age.

She realized her denial of her reality of growing up triggered the dream about forgetting her age.

In a dream, you may not be consciously present in your regular personality. This explains why you forget your age while dreaming. Your information of your age is stored in your brain and you need to retrieve it from the correct brain cell. In scientific terms, this type of forgetting is called retrieval failure. The second type of forgetting is not recalling whether you have done something or if you’ve met a particular person before. The face and name could not be retrieved from your memory. This can be due to slow retrieval of information. Putting a finger on the date of a specific event requires effort to classify and pigeon-hole the time frame of the event to get some clues.

Other factors may play their influences on memory and forgetting the memory. If the speaker is distracted, then retrieving a memory is challenging.

If the speaker has a speech problem like a stutter, they will be using more of their resources like energy and concentration to articulate their desired utterances.

Memory is not the only gauge of a person’s cognitive ability. Other associated factors are experience, knowledge, culture and intuition.

Other dream interpretations of forgetting age include –

A warning of pending old age. The elderly may be facing dementia. The ageing maybe clinging onto fading vitality. Some may choose plastic surgery and other aids to ward off ageing.