Dreaming of the dead who returns borrowed money

An old man in his seventies, who wrote books for a living, died in 2008. Prior to his death, he had asked a younger woman to edit his books. He promised to pay her some money for her time editing and promoting his books. He was sickly and couldn’t focus on ordinary tasks like using PayPal to send money to pay his editor. She was hurt that her efforts went unpaid. After a few years,the old man died. His soul traveled across a few continents to look for his former editor. He had little energy and existed only as a small orb. He managed to find the woman’s apartment and stayed in it. He tried to think how he could repay his debt to her. He was in the Other World. He had no human money as an orb. He hung around in the small apartment. He hid inside the store room because that was the quietest room in the apartment, where disturbance was little. He decided to try mind messaging, or telepathy, to send inspiration to the woman, to help her journey in writing books. When her books were sold, she would earn money and he would repay his old debt this way.

This story is an example of what could happen when someone went to extraordinary lengths to return something borrowed.

The sage presents a stalk of sage to you.

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