Dreaming of the dead who ask for her hair back

Dreaming of long hair.

A young woman suffering from an illness died. Her family was so poor they decided to cut off her hair, to sell for money to pay for her funeral. A few days after she was buried, the mother of this deceased woman, had a dream. She dreamed of her dead daughter, who asked her, “Mother, where is my hair?”The old woman woke up feeling afraid. She ignored the dream. However, she continued to see that dream for several nights. It became a recurring dream.

Later that day, she went to the wig maker, who had bought her daughter’s hair. She asked to buy back the hair. Fortunately, the wig maker had not started using this hair to make hair pieces. He dug around in his workshop, and managed to find the plastic bag which the old woman had used to hold her dead daughter’s hair. The two of them ascertained this was the correct hair, by virtue of the plastic bag.

The old woman managed to pay for the hair by selling away her gold bangle. She paid a grave digger, to open her daughter’s grave and coffin. She handed the bag of hair to the digger and told him to place the bag inside the coffin. Then, he reburied the coffin.

That night, the old woman did not dream of her daughter. Neither did it happen the next night, and all nights after this episode. Her dead daughter remain buried for good.

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