Dreaming of souls

She dreamed she was surrounded by souls, waiting to be helped with their unfinished business.

She could see some of them but other people could see more of them.

These people wanted to ask her if she knew she was stalked, but out of decency, refrained from intruding; they had their opinion that she had to know since it was obvious to them.

After she awoke, she couldn’t stay in her comfort zone.

She offered prayers for the souls in limbo, and words of suggestions for living souls.

Words were insufficient to move mountains quickly; patience was required to wait out the challenging time.

Prompt – Sunday Six Sentence Story (SSSS) word September 1 2019 is “zone“.

No soul calling dream.


  1. Not a dream I would enjoy having. Very disturbing. (much to resolve!)
    The 2 captions below your Six remind me of a saying my mom had: “dream of the dead, hear from the living”.

  2. so, the lesson: short-haired cartoon-people are way hypo-imaginative?

    (as the old saying reminds us, “Dreams are our inner refrigerator doors…”)

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