Nightmare come true

This is a story of a nightmare come true. The worst nightmare about stalking from an unwanted suitor came true.

An old man working at the entrance of my apartment building disturbed me. He flashed his grin at me. I ignored him because in the earlier three years since I started living in this area, he never paid attention to me. In fact, he was churlish, to the point of treating me like an untouchable leper. This old man believed in gossip about me being a gold digger vampire who sucked money from men. The web of deceit was so convincing that the old man believed some men lay languid in the evil woman’s honey trap web. Whenever our paths crossed, he acted with nimble mobility. He walked sideways like a spider, to minimize any raw, accidental touch. He thought that I would do something to him to harm financially or in some other way.

The truth was that one of his colleagues tried to befriend me and I slammed his advances. He could not shame his ego by taking the blame for being obnoxious. So this man took revenge by slandering me with snide remarks, even within my ear shot. He was churlish by saying I had been doing business in my unit with a steady stream of male visitors. His colleague immediately refuted this by saying he had seen the visitors log and that statement wasn’t true. To me, he acted like the fox who called the grapes sour, because he couldn’t reach the bunch.

I was puzzled at the old man’s behavior, until later, I overheard his colleague asking him about how he was going to lay his hands on money for his medical treatment. Then I understood he cat called me because he wanted to con money from me. He continued to try to approach me but I ignored him.

The old man refused to admit defeat. He was yet another man who could not take the blame for being unappealing to a woman. He was ancient, crusty and gay. He only pretended interest in me to scam money. He continued to attack me indirectly by asking his colleague to tackle me. He told the younger man that I did not deserve to live in the apartment block because I was evil. He said there should be a hero to take out the evil woman to save the rest of humanity.

There were many episodes of covert fighting when he insisted to battle me for my attention. Then one day, my building managers changed the staff. The old man and his colleague were transferred away. My episode of nightmare in my apartment building ended.


Hi Thom! This Sunday’s prompts were challenging for me. Then I remembered I could use prompt number 1 for a story. Thank you for this writing exercise, without which I might not have formulated my thoughts to express this story.

Prompts – From The New, Unofficial, Online Writers’ Guild, by TNKERR (Thom), OLWG #118.

1. take the blame
2. bell bottoms
3. dollar bills for the topless dancer

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