Dreaming of bell bottoms

Pants with bell bottoms were trendy from 1960s to 1970s. What exactly are bell bottoms? They are pants with flared ankle ends. Bell bottoms are iconic as they symbolize an era when it dominated the fashion trend for pants. After its first emergence, bell bottom pants have been cyclic, returning into the mainstream every few years. Some people desire to look different by bucking the prevalent fashion trends. When the trend is on straight legged pants, there will be some people who choose to wear bell bottoms to look different.

Choosing to wear bell bottoms reflects your association to the company you keep. If your workplace frowns on outward fashion statements, the you can only wear loud clothing in your personal capacity (while not working in your formal workplace).

Bell bottoms can be stitched in dress pants (formal wear) and casual pants. If you usually don’t wear them to office, but you dream of seeing yourself in them at work, it can mean something extraordinary is going to happen.

If you dream seeing another character wearing bell bottoms, try to recall who wears them in your life. This dream character can be a symbol of that real life person. Your dream character can be a metaphor of the real person.

For me, dreaming of bell bottoms meant I was hit by nostalgia for the past. I remembered singers who wore them in the 1970s. Abba, the Bee Gees, Andy Gibb, John Travolta & etc.


Why do people wear bell bottom pants?

  1. They wish to look unique and different from others.
  2. The wearer wishes to hide their ankles.
  3. They like to hear their swishing sounds when their left and right bell bottoms brush against each other while walking.

The shoes made a squelch or squish sound with each step.

Bell bottom pants.

Prompts – From The New, Unofficial, Online Writers’ Guild, by TNKERR (Thom), OLWG #118.

1. take the blame
2. bell bottoms
3. dollar bills for the topless dancer

Hi, Thom. Thanks for the inspirational prompts.

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  1. I wore them in my youth and I wore them in the Navy. You seldom see them in the stores any more though.
    Squelch is a good word.

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