Dreaming of rain

Meaning of dreaming of rain.
Dreaming of rain.

One-Liner Wednesday – Have umbrella will use.
Three of us were on the move, taking the bus and walking to the store. It started to drizzle and two of us opened our umbrellas. the third person in our group refused to wet his umbrella. “A little rain never hurt anyone” he said confidently. Soon, it was pouring. We told him, “Do you know that by refusing to open your umbrella, you challenged the sky to pour down more rain?” “Nonsense” he said.

The lesson of this anecdote is my quote for One-Liner Wednesday – Have umbrella will use.

Do you think the heavy downpour was due to non-causal factor or defiance to human’s stubborn behavior?

In a side note, I’m going to write about dreaming of rain. What does it mean when you dream of rain? In some cultures, rain is a good symbol. Water nourishes life so when it rains, even when it rains on your parade, it may be a good sign. It can’t wait to inform you at another time so it rained on your moment of importance.

Some cultures nurture a superstitious belief about rain. There is a traditional belief that rain is the cause of the skies crying when they see something bad happening on earth. For instance, when a Very Important Person died and their funeral starts, it may rain. The community who be encouraged to believe that the sky cries to mourn the passing of a good person. Events are open to interpretation.

Poem on Rain. This is meant for participation into Mandibelle’s Music Challenge.

It sometimes rains on
my parade, but its alright
God’s humbling me.

April 12 2015 – I dreamed of my deceased relative. He was sitting inside his home. I was walking around the perimeter of his house, along the system of drains meant to filter water during rains. It was raining slightly and I was carrying an umbrella to shield me from the rain.

Dream interpretation- I was a guest from the outside, looking in. Although I was not given shelter inside the house, I had an umbrella to shelter me from the rain. This dream described my relationship with my relative. I was not from his inner circle who lived with him inside his house. But yet I was shown mercy and given a useful tool to keep me safe and dry.

Meaning of dreaming of being wet by rain

Even while asleep, the body receives stimuli and sends data to the brain. For example, if the body’s skin sense organ feels cold, this data is sent to the brain. The gray cells process this data and may enter into the dream world, as a dream image that is related to the stimulus. Associated imagery with cold are water and rain. The sleeper may dream of being wet with rain, hence complimenting the sensation of cold.

Meaning of dreaming of being wet
Flow chart dream interpretation of rain
dream interpretation of rain

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  1. Interesting reflection on the Prompt. But, you are right the Marilyn’s character views life as something that will turn out anyways. I like how you focused on raining on your parade, and how God uses this to humble us. A teaching tool. Thanks again 🙂

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