Dreaming of traveling

Dreaming of traveling:
Sometimes, we dream of traveling to exotic destinations because the natural beauty attracts us. What does it mean when we are dreaming of traveling? Dreams continue waking life’s issues. If we think about traveling during the day, we are likely to dream about traveling during sleep.

We want to travel to enjoy a change of scenery for fun. However, if we wish to leave our present home to escape unhappiness, then the dream is a wake-up call to handle the concern in reality.

In December 2014, I dreamed about traveling to Europe. It was a remote possibility. I didn’t pay much thought to it since the idea was very far off in the distance. This dream was not a wish fulfillment since I had never consciously wished to see Europe. I was too busy trying to make ends meet. Then in November 2015, almost one year later, my family wanted to visit Europe. They did the groundwork of booking tickets, hotels and planned the itinerary. This is one example of my real life dream that foretold an event in my future.

Where in the world BlogFest is a writing challenge hosted by Sherry Ellis. Participants will answer and write on the question: If you could go through the Earth and end up in another country, where would you go?

Its fun to travel but its a whole kettle of fish to fry when you’re thinking of immigration. Relocation used to be easier before the Age of Globalization. By this massive movement, residency in a new country became very expensive. The host countries are asking cash, or investments, to the tune of millions of dollars. Every new immigrant must invest to generate at least 10 jobs for the local community. This obliterates the common hue and cry over immigrants depriving citizens of their opportunities.

There is no perfect country to live in. I can’t name a country from the top of my head. I would choose a specific country if I knew for sure I would be able to adapt and handle my life, to live in a decent life style.

If I had the chance to freely travel to a preferred country, I would choose somewhere warm, with mild weather all year round. I prefer a house by the sea, where I can enjoy the sea breeze, water activities, sandy shore and everything the seaside offers. I would do all my shopping online and eliminate the need to travel to the stores for shopping. I’m aiming to do my work as an independent contractor so I can avoid the hustle and bustle of the busy community.


Is the grass always greener on the other side of the fence?


Dreaming of traveling.

The Insecure Writer’s Support Group (IWSG)

Sherry asked this question – Which path to publishing have you used and why?

I’ve only tried the self-publishing option like as in blogging. I don’t think my work is good enough for submission to a traditional publishing house. Sometimes, I’m mute. Which is why I like to dabble in drawing. Seeing my writing or drawing published via a traditional publisher is a dream.

Updated Nov. 20 2016 – I dreamed that my family and I maybe visiting a foreign country. I was in front of a push cart which contained a mobile kitchen. It was a self-contained and compact mobile cooking unit. I tried it out and cooked a dish using utensils there. When I finished, I packed up and left.

Jan. 20 2017 – I dreamed I was staying a hotel overseas. My family and I were on a trip away in a new country.

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