Dreaming of my earworm

Dreaming of my earworm:

I have an earworm that is so annoying that I dreamed abut it.

Stream of Consciousness Saturday #SoCS September 8 2018 prompt is “earworm“.

One of the most irritating and superficial assumption people hold is – Success is measured by your wealth.

People in my town are consumed with showing off they are better than the Joneses. They must have nicer decorated homes, sportier cars, higher end luxury goods, exotic holidays, branded clothing, restaurant dining and pay through the nose for extravagant lifestyles. Why? Because they want to protect their fragile egos. Showing off material wealth maintains an artificial front for their egos.

People who don’t show their wealth may be equally, if not more successful.

In a similar vein of thought, the worm has rather poor eyesight. It can barely discern light and dark and can’t make out clearly defined shapes.