Dreaming of needle

If you were dreaming of sewing needle and you were making something, then the latent meaning may be good. Under ordinary circumstance, sewing one’s own clothes, or making homemade clothing, means one can not afford to buy ready made clothes. This presents the perspective that one has to watch over money.

If you break the needle while sewing, it means you will not be required to sew or mend clothes. You’re going to have enough money to discard damaged clothing. If you have been sewing and using the needle for someone’s clothes, it means that person will get the money.

In your waking hours, it is likely you had some information on a distant source who may be giving away money to related persons. This information could have surfaced again, as a dream.

Getting money from distant sources is like finding a needle in a haystack. Likewise, in a dream, if you lose a needle and can’t find it, it denotes bad luck. A needle is a very useful tool and to lose it means you are deprived of the means to perform a necessary chore like sewing.

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