Dreaming of losing a bicycle or something

Dreaming of losing a bicycle or something:
The girl with long hair says she has lost her bicycle. In this dream, the dreamer is the girl with long hair. The symbol of losing a possession is a threat and this dream is a threat simulation. The girl should examine her life in waking reality. Is she in danger of losing something? She should take care of this issue in order to protect her belongings.

A bicycle is a mode of transport. She dreams she has lost her mode of transport. In waking life, does she own a mode of transportation? Is she facing a risk of losing it? Is there someone who is threatening to restrict her freedom? These are questions that need to be examined.

Dreaming of losing a bicycle.

Dreaming of lost child
Dec. 9 2016 – I dreamed I was searching for a young girl who was missing. I was in a large building which had structured sub-units. I was’ t wearing my spectacles, which made searching for the girl tough. I could see without eye glasses, but my eyesight wasn’t sharp. I looked in room designated for recreation, but I couldn’t find her. It was scary to think that I couldn’t find her.

Updated for Jan. 12 2017 – I dreamed that I brought my childhood toy, a soft toy from Disney, outdoors. Then this toy got mixed up with a bunch of other dolls that were similar in looks and size. I was worried that I had lost my original soft toy because she became indiscriminate from the whole bunch of soft toys there. Then I noticed that the store’s range of soft toys were of a standard size and mine was slightly smaller in size. By this factor, I managed to locate my original soft toy. I was very happy to find my own toy back.

Updated for Jan. 20 2017 dream –
I dreamed I lost my school bag. When I realized this, I returned to my school, to search for it. It was dark at around 7 pm. The guard at the gate let me in when I told him I had to search for my bag which I may have left in school. I couldn’t find my bag. I was worried and scared because there was a sum of money in my bag. This episode of dream has reached its climax without resolution. The next part of my dream was about a different event, which is posted elsewhere in this blog.

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