Dreaming of liposuction means

If you were dreaming of liposuction, it means you are anxious over your physical appearance. If you are not fat and yet dream of liposuction, your problem may be insecurity over your physical appearance. You might be having other problems like attracting and maintaining interest in yourself. The real issue may be in the other people. People with similar interests are attracted to one another by their common denominator, as in birds of a feather, stick together. Sometimes, people with opposite personalities may feel a magnetic pull because of opposing polarities that create interest.

People who are attracted by the cover of a book may not proceed to read beyond the cover. Those who are solely attracted to appearance may not maintain a long relationship with their fascination after the shine wears off. Is liposuction worth it?

If you really want that liposuction, go to a medical clinic that has authorization to perform aesthetics in surgical procedures.

If you are not fat in your limbs/ abdomen, go get therapy to deal with your psychological insecurities. You may be having Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD).