40 fruit & vegetable Challenge per week diet

This is a diet for a week. This challenge asks you to choose to eat at least 40 different fruit and vegetables throughout your 21 meals. The point of this philosophy is to obtain as many nutritional benefits as possible from this large variety of fruit and vegetables. You can also eat white meat and red meat, along with your fruit and colorful vegetables. You can eat out by ordering dishes that contain vegetables. Your breakfast can have a topping of fruit.

Vegetables and fruits are wonderful for people who have high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

If you have a medical condition, please ask your G.P.’s opinion and advice before proceeding o this vegetable & fruit diet.

Prompt from Jackie Lynch’s The 40 fruit & veg challenge.

Here is my normal diet. I’m not saying you should copy my diet. You should plan your own vegetable & fruit diet.

Mon. Oct 19 2020 Day 1 – Breakfast: 1 coffee with milk, 1 black coffee, 1 tea, 4 pieces baked walnut from a ready made packet.

Lunch: 1 bowl steamed broccoli, logan berries, apple.

Dinner: shortbread biscuits, 2 cups low fat milk, 2 kiwi fruit.

Tue. Oct. 20 2020 Day 2 – Breakfast: 1 coffee with milk, 1 black coffee, 1 tea, 4 pieces baked walnut.

Lunch: fried rice in ready-to-eat packet (includes 1 piece of chicken),

5 cups Vitamin C powdered drink.

Dinner: 2 cups low fat milk, small packet of 3 pieces of Marie biscuits.

Wed. Oct. 21 2020 Day 3 – Breakfast: 1 coffee with milk, 1 black coffee, 1 tea, 4 pieces baked walnut.

Lunch: broccoli, logan berries, apple.

Dinner: 1 dragon fruit, 2 cups low fat milk, 2 cups syrup flavored drink.

Thur. Oct 22 2020 Day 4 – Breakfast: 1 coffee with milk, 1 black coffee, 1 tea, 4 pieces baked walnut.

Lunch: broccoli, apple.

Dinner: 2 cups low fat milk, small pack biscuits, 1 slice of paw-paw (also known as papaya).

This is my typical diet. I always eat the same one veg & three fruit. I should try to buy more varieties for veg & fruit salad.

Fri. Oct. 23 2020 Day 5 – Breakfast of 2 coffees, 4 pieces of baked walnut.

Lunch: 1 small packet instant noodles, broccoli.

Dinner: 2 cups low fat milk, 2 small apples, 2 small buns without any fillings.

Sat. Oct 24 2020 Day 6 – Breakfast 1 coffee with milk, 1 black coffee, 4 small tomatoes, broccoli in gravy.

Lunch: 1/2 red pepper (red capsicum), 2 small apples.

Dinner: 1 packet instant noodles, 2 cups low fat milk.

Sun. Oct. 25 2020 Day 7 – Breakfast: 2 cups coffee, 1/2 guava, 1/2 orange, 3 Iceberg lettuce leaves, banana, soft attap seeds.

Lunch: 2 walnuts.

Dinner: 2 cups of milk, 1 small packet biscuits.

I tried my best to buy fresh veg & fruit for consumption but my lack of appetite dragged down my intention. I didn’t feel like eating many types of fruit & vegetables so I didn’t pick them up. I have leftovers greens & fruit so I’ll try this 40 fruit and vegetable diet again for next week.


Types of vegetables: 5 (broccoli, tomatoes, red capsicum, winter melon, lettuce)

Types of fruit: 10 (apple, kiwi, paw-paw, logan berries, dragon fruit, guava, orange, banana, raisins, attap seeds, walnuts)

Total number veggies & fruit: 16 out of 40

Verdict: Fail.

Week 2. I have to buy very small quantities of vegetables to eat for variety. I may have to mix as many veggies as possible together to cook as a dish. Its tough to eat a variety when its picked as a single entity.

Mon. Oct. 26 2020 – Breakfast: 2 coffee, 1 Choc drink, 2 small tomatoes, 1/3 red pepper, 1 small potato.

Lunch: 1/2 guava, 1 banana, 2 tablespoons cooked black bean in gravy, broccoli.

Dinner: 2 cups milk, 1 small bun, 1 small jelly pudding, 2 small apples.

Tue. Oct. 27 2010 – Breakfast: 2 cups coffee, small bowl of grapes, attap seeds 2 tablespoons, 1 orange.

Lunch: 2 potato, 1 banana, 4 pieces 1/2 walnut.

Dinner: boiled veg of long bean, peas, carrot, corn, broccoli. 2 cups milk.

Wed. Oct. 28 2020 – Breakfast: passion fruit, plum, banana, broccoli.

Lunch: smallest bowl of pea, long bean, carrot, corn (same as before).

Dinner: 2 cups milk, 1 small pear, 1 small packet biscuits, dried cranberry, raisins, 1 small packet of mixed nuts (walnut, almond, cashew, pecan, pistachio, pumpkin seeds) .

Thur. Oct. 29 2020 – Breakfast: 2 coffees, 1 fruit plate of honey dew, pineapple, green apple, water melon, grape.

Lunch: kiwi fruit, plum.

Dinner: noodles, 2 cups milk.

Fri. Oct 30 2020 – Breakfast: 2 coffees, 1 hot choc, 4 tiny winter dates, a handful small cranberries the sourest I have ever tasted. 1 small potato.

Lunch: 1 small potato, 1/3 of a short cucumber, 1 small avocado, 1 small packet of mixed nuts as mentioned before.

Dinner: steamed chicken with rice. (I haven’t eaten chicken in months)

This is more like it. By Friday, I have eaten 17 different vegetables and 17 different fruits. I didn’t intend to make the numbers of greens and fruit to be the same. I was very challenged to buy the kind of veggies that I would eat, in small quantities. Actually I have no appetite for so many varieties but have compelled myself to buy them for doing this 40 vegetables and fruit challenge. I wish there were more packets of mixed fruit and mixed vegetables. This would make my eating challenge easier.

Sat. Oct 31 2020 – Breakfast: 2 coffees, 1 tea. Fried eggplant (brinjai), pumpkin, onion, garlic. Aloe vera, mango.

Lunch: boiled sweet potato, broccoli.

Dinner: 2 cups milk, jelly pudding.

I got 19 fruits and 23 vegetables by now. I’ve decided to return to my regular diet for next week, or even from this Sunday. I only need regular broccoli and a few regular fruits that I can swallow. I’m so tired of this challenge. It was good experience but way too many varieties.

Sun. Nov. 1 2020 – Breakfast: 2 cups coffee. 1 cup hot choc.

Lunch: Broccoli, apple.

Dinner: noodles, kiwi, grapes, 2 cups low fat milk.

Veg count: 21

Fruit count: 18

For convenience, nuts are grouped in the vegetable count.

List of Fruit

  1. guava
  2. banana
  3. red apple
  4. grape
  5. orange
  6. passion fruit
  7. plum
  8. pear
  9. cranberries
  10. raisin
  11. honey dew,
  12. pineapple,
  13. green apple,
  14. water melon
  15. kiwi
  16. winter dates
  17. avocado
  18. mango
  19. jackfruit

List of Vegetables

  1. tomato
  2. red pepper
  3. potato
  4. black bean
  5. broccoli
  6. attap seeds
  7. walnut
  8. long bean
  9. peas
  10. carrot
  11. corn
  12. almond,
  13. cashew,
  14. pecan,
  15. pistachio,
  16. pumpkin seeds
  17. cucumber
  18. pumpkin
  19. eggplant (brinjai)
  20. onion
  21. garlic
  22. aloe vera
  23. sweet potato

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