Dreaming of Husband’s Mistress pics #5

This is the story of an earlier post called “Dreaming of husband’s mistress“. Art work pictures were drawn of the wife, her husband, her husband’s mistress and other events.

If you’re interested to follow this series, watch this blog for more. Other pictures will be in the posts Dreaming of Husband’s Mistress: Story Review in pics #4, and then #5, #6 and etc.


Old Man Jim gossips to Hansom about a woman.
Jim gossips to Hansom that he accuses the woman of accepting money from man

In this story, “Dreaming of Husband’s Mistress“, the woman Penelope has a husband who has left her for his girlfriend mistress Magdalene. Old Man Jim (on the left) gossips to Hansom. He has his opinion that Penelope takes money from men. Jim slanders Penelope, without knowing the true facts. Jim doesn’t know that Penelope’s husband Andrew, comes and goes to live with his favorite people. Penelope is doubly wronged as an immoral woman, and she is abandoned by her husband. Penelope does dream of her husband’s mistress and she can’t do anything about it.

The story will be continued in Dreaming of Husband’s Mistress pics #6.

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