Dreaming of gregarious eating

To dream of gregarious eating can mean several implications.

  1. The eater looks to be hurriedly eating and consuming large quantities of food, because of hunger.
  2. There was hardship (malnutrition or starvation) prior to having this chance to eat. This explains why the eater is consuming food gregariously.
  3. The latent meaning of this dream imagery says to prepare for a period of hardship. But there will be relief later as food and other supplies will be available.
  4. There could be hoarding of food or supplies because of selfish reasons, or in anticipation of hardship.
  5. The gregarious consumption of food and other supplies could spell difficulties for other people. If you can identify this type of behaviors in your home or workplace, you have to make plans to manage this challenge, before you face shortages and difficulties. When you can identify the person who is consuming supplies, you have to think and make plans to deal with the potential problems.
Stand and eat.

Prompt – gregarious from #FOWC.