Dreaming of a car

A car is a complex dream symbol because it stands for several meanings.

  1. You’re going to drive in a car, or be driven in one.
  2. You’re getting a new car.
  3. You’re traveling to a new place.
  4. You can expect good news.
  5. You’re metaphorically traveling to a better position. It could be a better job.
  6. Someone is visiting you and coming in a car.
  7. Your feelings during your dream are another indication of what your dream is trying to tell you.

The accurate interpretation of this dream symbol depends on your personal context. What are the factors of your situation in life right now? Are you expecting money from a windfall or other source? Have you applied for a different job? Are you anticipating traveling to a different location for a temporary gig or holiday?

Prompt – photo prompt of a car.

Cartoon/ doodle/ drawing/ sketch/ painting of a cab driver.