Dreaming of goldfish

Dreaming of goldfish is a good sign. Goldfish is traditionally associated with good traits as its bright color means good fortune. This is a reason why some cultures in Southeast Asia value the goldfish. People keep goldfish as pets in their home aquarium. For people who keep goldfish as symbols of good luck and wealth, they should not eat them. If the goldfish die of illness or old age, they should be properly disposed of, in a respectful manner.

Generally the fish symbol is a good sign. Fish are edible sea creatures. If you dream of fish, it probably means you’re going to be blessed with plenty of food. This metaphor means you’ll receive money and good fortune too.

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Dreaming of fish
August 28 2016 – I dreamed that I had a fish that could survive on land. It could have been a mudskipper. It was black in color and partially transparent. I put it on the floor and poured some water on it to keep its skin moist. However, this measure was insufficient and the fish died after one day.

Dream interpretation
This dream tells me that I am not doing enough in my life. There is more that can be done to ensure abetted outcome. I should think and write a list of what I can do to improve my life.

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