Dreaming of gloves

Dreaming of gloves:
We use gloves for a purpose. One function is to protect our hands from hurt which can be caused by some things. We use gloves for gardening, harsh housework, and handling hot objects. People who intend to hide fingerprints use gloves.

Pie chart shows different types of meanings from dreams on gloves.

Pie chart shows different dreams on gloves
Pie chart shows percentages of different types of dreams about gloves

Dreaming of gloves may mean several issues. You may be needing a pair of gloves to do something. Or your old gloves may need replacing. As gloves protect and hide fingers, the symbol may mean you are trying to hide something, or someone is using gloves to hide their tracks.

The old proverb, to handle with kid gloves, means to manage someone carefully. If the situation is delicate, or the person is vulnerable, using kid gloves may offer better management.

Dreaming of gloves.

The glove on the right was drawn using a model of a gardening glove. The gloves in the center and left were drawn from imagination.

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