Dreaming of an accident

Monday’s #writingprompts says to write about what he saw behind the wheel.

John was driving along the road, whistling a familiar tune. He was getting late for his appointment. He stepped on his accelerator. He was irritated at the thought of being reprimanded for being late. He sped past many cars. He felt like he was in control now. His car went round the bend. He almost cleared it. A loud bang woke him up from his mind’s monkey chatter. What was that? He lost control of his car. Darn. He was hit with a tire puncture. What a time to choose to be later than he already was. He applied his brakes. His car was wobbly on three tires. He wrestled with his steering wheel to regain some control. It skirted the perimeter wall as the downward momentum carried his car farther down the wall. His brakes were not working. Of course. He had no money to pay for servicing . His right front fender scrapped the wall. I don’t want to die, thought John. As if on cue, his life flashed before his eyes. His intuition told him, this is it. This is the end. A second loud bang. John was flung hard against his steering wheel. The impact may have cracked his ribs. He heard cars and vehicles zooming past him. John prepared himself to meet his Maker.

His car smashed into the perimeter wall . He was drifting into unconsciousness. Motorists came to help him out. Someone called an ambulance. You’re going to be all right, a voice reassured him.

Someone was slapping his face. Can you hear me, he said.

He opened his eyes. His brother was lightly slapping his cheeks. Wake up or you’re going to be late for work.

It was only a dream after all.

Updated for Jan. 20 2017 dream –
My family and I were traveling along a road when we chanced to see an accident. A car in front had flipped and was lying on its bonnet. There was a small plane using the road as a tarmac runway. The airplane took off.