Dreaming of pillow

What does it mean to be dreaming of a pillow?
A pillow is associated with sleep or rest. When you dream of your pillow, your inner consciousness can be trying to tell you that you desire sleep. Maybe you are not getting enough sleep at night. Maybe you are stressed and tensed, and find difficulty sleeping.

On the other hand, dreaming of a pillow may tell you the desire to get a new pillow because your current one is not comfortable for you.

I would suggest you check your pillow, by removing the case and look for oddities. Does your pillow show wear and tear? It is a good idea to change pillows regularly. Do it once a year, or more frequently, if you can afford it.

September drawing prompt from #eddc, #everydaydrawingchallenge – draw a pillow.

Dreaming of a pillow.

This drawing is of a normal, flat pillow. There are many varieties of pillows. Some are just neck rests. Some are decorative pillows in different shapes and sizes.

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