Bad Service: Comic Strip

One day, I walked into a supermarket to shop for groceries. This is what happened.

Excuse me …

Refusal to provide customer service.

Customer tries to explain herself.

Customer refuses to allow bad service to ruin her mood and attitude for her day.

Media: black ink with brush on white card paper.

Customer service people see so many hundreds by the day and night that they usually forget faces. However, the customer on the receiving end of bad service does not forget so easily. Its not like; if you forget me, I’ll forget you.

We can do away with some bad service by shopping online. Yay or nay?

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  1. I sometimes wonder why people choose to work in customer service when they don’t like interacting/helping others (I get it is tiring and stressful and everyone has off days but some people are really quite mean/rude). I am an introvert so it certainly isn’t a good fit for me

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