Dreaming of falling wall

Have you seen a falling wall in your dream? The meaning of dreaming of a falling wall is that something is crumbling and spoiling in your real life. You have received information during your day’s waking reality, that this is going to happen. This would trigger the dream about a falling wall, or destruction happening.

List of dreams around the theme of Falling Wall:

  1. The wall being a physical obstruction.
  2. Wall is psychological barrier.
  3. Falling wall is a threat.
  4. Falling wall is a danger happening.
  5. Falling wall can denote a person who is falling in some way.
  6. Falling wall is a call to rebuild the wall.
  7. It means a stronghold is falling and you have to be aware.
  8. Your boundary wall is falling.
  9. The falling wall creates a break in the barrier.
  10. The falling wall signifies destruction
Infographic: How to do dream interpretation of icon/symbol

A falling wall may not be a bad thing in dream interpretation. Dream imagery of a falling wall can mean the boundary that obstructs and divides, may be falling down. The obstructions will be removed. If you’re facing hindrances in your personal life or at work, this dream is a metaphor to tell you that your problems may be over.

Barrier in Communication maybe a wall.

If you had seen a falling wall before, the memory may be retained in your brain, only to be replayed in a dream.

While a wall in a dream can be a symbol of a outer boundary of your body, there can be different meanings to other types of walls. If you see a garden wall, or a wall in the external perimeter boundary of your house, it can mean the area of concern is not your body, but about a region that belongs to you. For instance, if you dream of a wall from your garden that is falling down, it can mean something in your possession is at threat of spoiling or getting destroying.

Different types of walls:

Dreams of walls around a person or around a house.

There can be another dream interpretation of a falling wall. Your body is a container of your being, and like a house. As with all houses, there are walls. To dream of a falling wall can mean a part of your body has problems and it is failing. In other words, to dream of a falling wall can mean you may be sick.

Dreaming of a bald head can mean the person is sick and all his hair has fallen off.

You can relate to your dream, by reflecting on how it is associated to your waking life.

The meaning of dreaming of a falling wall can be:

  1. Destruction in your waking life.
  2. Threat of spoilage of something in your possession.
  3. Illness in you or someone you know.
  4. The boundary wall that divides people and properties, may soon be gone.

Dreams of rebuilding falling wall.

You may dream of rebuilding a falling wall. This dream interpretation says your brain thinks you can salvage the damage by rebuilding. You can mend and repair something tangible or intangible, that has been spoiled. You should listen to your dream and try to rebuild, before totally giving up and leaving.

A wall is a barrier. When it falls, it means the obstacle has fallen. A wall is a boundary. When it falls, it means the boundary is gone. In waking reality, a fallen boundary may be a good sign. The falling wall can imply the barrier to a relationship is down. Maybe the relationship will improve. The metaphor is a falling wall. In reality, the falling wall of boundary and barrier can lead to improving relationship ties.

Gardener said hello.

One of the most famous walls on earth is the old Berlin Wall. The falling wall happened in November 9, 1989. Around 500,000 people assembled in East Berlin to travel out because of an error in a public announcement that did not state they needed to apply for visas to travel out of East Germany. Officials thought they had no choice but to open the barrier to allow people to walk through. Some people started hammering at the wall with hand held tools to crumble it. A small portion of the original wall still stands in Mauerpark (Wall Park). Germans who are old enough to understand the significance of the falling wall commemorate 11/9 every year.

More dream interpretations about falling wall:

As we all know, dream analysis depends on the dreamer’s personal context at that point in time when they had the dream. For instance, if they are experiencing a relationship problem, and one night they have this dream of a falling wall, it can mean this. Maybe a supporting wall, which is a symbol of a foundation wall of the relationship, has crumbled and is falling. The personal situation has triggered and stimulated the dream imagery of falling wall.

Very rarely does a dream about a falling wall translate into a physical wall falling. Sometimes, the dreamer may see a dream of a falling wall, if they have seen visual stimulation input that a wall is crumbling and falling down.

A wall may not be a physical wall. It can be a metaphorical wall, a reference to a barrier put up by yourself. This wall can be for defence and protection. This wall can be a boundary to mark your personal space.

To dream of a falling wall can mean your barrier to the outside world, is crumbling. You may have decided to slowly let down your guard, or to remove this barrier, to live a free and more sincere life.

Using these basic concepts of dream analysis and interpretation, we can decode variations of this dream. For example, if you dream that part of a wall is falling down, you can decipher this meaning. It can mean a part of the underlying structure of masking, deception and protection, is being removed. This can bre a sign for you to plan to do something about this warning. You can either decide to remove the rest of the wall if you’re ready to face the world. Or you can decide to shore up the foundation and structure of the wall.

June 2021

A few people on social media have written about having dreams of a building collapsing, even before news was announced about the condo that collapsed in Surfside, Florida. We have no way of verifying their claims. We can only believe in good faith.

Dream of your house walls falling down:

If you dream of your house’s walls crumbling and falling down, what does it mean? To dream of walls crumbling, can mean either a physical structure is not strong, or an intangible matter like your personal foundation/ moral values/ ethics, is degrading. This is a warning type of dream. You might have to do something to prevent the crumbling, shore up the “walls”, and make it better.

Dream of the wall of your house falling on you:

This dream means your private and domestic world is crumbling. This could be due to a breakdown in relationship, financial difficulty and etc. If you are unaware of such problems developing, then you may have missed out the signs.

If this wall of your house is a shared boundary wall with a neighbor, then you have to reflect on more circumstances to have a better understanding of this dream. Do you have problems at this time of seeing this dream? Does your neighbor have problems? Since it is a shared boundary wall, the fortunes of both families play a part in the maintenance of the wall. If your neighbor is experiencing troubles, can you chip in to help? If your neighbor is out of trouble, it is also good for you, because you share a common boundary. This means whatever is affecting your neighbor may also influence your well-being.

Another dream interpretation for falling wall can be related to the dreamer’s psychology. In the first place, was the wall erected as a self defence mechanism to keep oneself behind the wall? If this person is unwilling to move beyond their comfort zone, they are retarding their progress and doing self harm.

Dream analysis of your internal wall may reveal reasons why you desire to have a boundary between yourself and the world. You feel fragile and this. Intangible wall is your defence mechanism.

To dream of your boundary and defence wall falling can mean you’re letting down your guard.

Did you experience something or someone or even yourself battering at the wall to bring it down?

Dream of making a hole in the wall

If you dream seeing a hole in a wall, it probably means the peep hole was done to spy from the other side of the wall. This is the metaphorical meaning and the implication is that your privacy is compromised.

If you dream of falling wall, but then later you still see a wall standing, the interpretation is that the wall still remains. The dream imagery of a falling wall can mean the problem temporarily disappears, but later, it reappears. The main issue remains. Reflect on this by thinking of the issues in your waking life. Are you bothered by problems which never go away?

Infographic on Dream of Falling Wall.

Dream of a falling wall can also refer to thawing relations between you and a former adversary. For example, if you and a former enemy have managed to remain peaceful with each other, this could be a metaphor for the imagery of a falling wall.

Dreamt of constructing a wall and it falls:

Dream analysis should involve your waking life. In your present life, have you tried to put up a wall of defence to protect yourself? If yes, this dream tells you that this method failed. If you are in the midst of doing a project, this dream may be a message to tell you that the project will not succeed.

Infographic/comic: Why we maintain a wall for boundary.

Dream of walls in west falling:

The walls in west symbolises your issue in the west. The most famous associations with the west are the countries traditionally called the West. Dream imagery of the walls in west falling can mean there may be major disruptions in Western countries.

Another association is the belief of the setting of the sun in the west. The walls or foundations in the west can refer to your setting sun years, that is, your twilight years. This dream could be a foretelling warning of the hard road ahead when you’re in the west and setting years of life.

Dream concerning destruction of wall:

This can mean the protection or obstruction (of the barrier) is being removed. You will be free of the wall, but you’ll be exposed to elements.

Collapsing wall dream meaning

This dream can be an expression of your desire to remove the barrier. It can be good news, or bad news, depending on what the wall means to you.

Dream meaning of brick wall falling:

Although a brick wall was seemed as sturdy and reliable, it has failed expectations. It is vulnerable to weakness and destruction too.

Dream of holding on to a wall during a fall –

You are unprepared to let go of a failing resource because you’re unprepared. You lack a backup. This dream is a warning to tell you to get prepared to face bad news.

Dream of being on top of a wall:

If you dream of standing on top of a wall, it means you have achieved some level of personal success. The wall (obstacle) that used to pose a challenge to you, has been conquered. You are now at a higher position, which gives you some advantage. However, be mindful of your precarious standing. You need to take care of your footing. This dream may be telling you to look afar. Plan ahead. For you don’t know when your privileged position may be gone.

Dream of falling from a height:

Dream of falling from a height can be symbolic of the dreamer’s fall from grace. The dreamer may have been challenged with a moral dilemma, and may have been tempted to take the easy path. The dreamer’s unconsciousness might have triggered this dream, to remind them of the consequences of choosing the wrong direction.

Dream interpretation of dreaming of falling:

You may dream of falling soon after falling asleep. This dream could be triggered by your tired body losing consciousness, and letting go of the cares and burdens of this waking world.

Interpret dream of wall paper

If your bedroom or room has wall paper and you still dream of wall paper, it can mean you have a secret desire to change the present wall paper.

If your room has no wall paper, then this dream hints to you to install wall paper.

On the broader scope, dreaming of wall paper can mean a desire to decorate (or re-decorate) your room.

Old Testament story of the falling wall:

Joshua ordered his soldiers to march around the walls of the city of Jericho. He told his men to shout and blow. on their horns made of rams’ horns. The vibrations in the air caused the walls of Jericho to crumble and fall down. The boundary of defence was destroyed. Joshua and the Israelites invaded Jericho and destroyed it.

If you are a Christian and have read this story in your bible, then it might have created a lasting impression in your brain. As and when your life situation comes across an incident that suggests you face risks, then your brain may recall this information of falling wall, and bring up this dream.

Real scene wall fence falling in dream:

If you dream of a real scene of wall fence falling, it can mean you saw this happening in your waking reality. This real scene probably made a big impression on you and that is why it appeared in your dream.

Dream about wall falling near water:

Centuries ago, castles and strongholds had moats around them. When their wall falls, it probably would fall into the water of the moat. In modern context, the significance of a wall falling into water might imply that there is reduced impact of the crushing wall debris, assuming that there are few or no boats and humans in the water.

Fallen wall dream:

Sometimes, you may dream of the aftermath of a sad event, like a fallen wall. You are too late to witness the event live, but on the other hand, you are spared the trouble and trauma of witnessing a bad event while it is happening.

A reader asked to interpret this: “In my dream a wall was falling.” This can mean you will be caught in the action. The dream imagery of a falling wall can mean any matter that is failing or has negative consequences. You should look at the issues surrounding your present life and try to decide which is urgently in need of amendment.

Dream of men helping to restore a falling wall:

If you dream of a falling wall, but there are men helping to restore it, it means help is present to rectify a problem. In real life, you may be having a problem. This dream may be a message telling you that help will come, if you are in despair.

Dream of falling down from wall, or dream of falling down from building:

This dream interpretation means some sort of bad event is going to happen to you. You may have some hint of it happening, during the course of daily events in your waking day. Dream imagery of a fall may not mean a physical fall from a height. Dreaming of falling can mean a fall from grace, from moral correctness, fall from favor and etc.

This fall can be a back stabbing from your competitor or enemy. You should be alert and watch your step.

Dreaming a new wall falling

To see a new wall falling in a dream, is bad. This means that the assumption that new is good and reliable, is no longer dependable.

Dream of a brick wall falling:

A brick wall looks sturdy and reliable. To dream of a brick wall falling means you’re called to re-evaluate your circumstances. What used to be dependable, is no longer a stalwart reliable strength.

What does it mean when someone dreams a wall fell on him:

This can mean that person is too late to escape the falling wall. The dire situation is about to happen. This dream has personal meaning for the dreamer. The dreamer needs to consider their situation and circumstances, to draw relations with this dream imagery.

Dream of silent wall

What’s the meaning when you dream of a silent wall? Isn’t a wall always silent?

Have you heard of the idiom/ proverb – “Even walls have ears”? This translates to mean that whatever is said, or whatever happens, can not be fully hidden because someone is bound to have heard it or seen it happen.

When you dream of the silent wall, the meaning is to refute against the above argument. Nobody sees or hears. Even if someone did see or hear, they will stay silent and not come to your aid should you need a witness to speak up for you.

Meaning of dreaming you fell down from wall:

Remember the nursery rhyme of Humpty Dumpty? It goes like this:

Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall.

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.

All the king’s horses and

all the king’s men

couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

Did you ever fall down from a wall? Were you seriously injured? If you sustained an injury that could not heal, then your brain would remember that fall as a traumatic event. You’re likely to dream of your fall periodically.

Table of summary of meanings for dreaming of falling:

Meanings for dreaming of falling
Dream interpretations of dreaming of falling
Meanings of dreams of falling
Dreams of falling

Summary of dream interpretations on wall:

  1. Obstacle
  2. Protective barrier
  3. Metaphor
  4. Boundary/ border to mark areas
  5. Maybe a standalone wall or part of a bigger structure

Ways to go through a wall which is an obstacle:

  1. Through a door
  2. Under the wall, via a tunnel/ underpass
  3. Climb over the wall

Condition of the wall holds meanings in the dream interpretation.

  1. A crumbling wall means you’re not maintaining your health.
  2. A crumbling wall can also mean you have damaged your image or reputation.
  3. The condition of the wall can also mean your life is in ruins. You maybe facing failures and challenges in your personal life and/or working life.

The height of the wall in your dream carries meaning too.

  1. A low wall means surmountable obstacles.
  2. A high wall means a stack of obstacles.

Dream interpretation of climbing a wall:

You’re moving upwards in life. You may experience change ion your status/ finances/ luck/ pathway. You may have chosen to climb up to move away from people/ events/ situations at the foot of the wall.

If you see dream imagery of a wall with a door, it symbolizes your life’s situation at this present time. You face a choice of opening the door and walking through.

If you can see that it is a front door in the wall, then it means you’re offered a formal route of entry past the wall (which is an obstacle).

If you see a back door that has been hacked into the wall, it means you’re facing the untraditional mode of entry to get past the barrier.

Dream imagery of a fence:

A fence is similar to a wall. The fence is a complete encirclement. It is a boundary to denote private space that is protected from intrusion. A fence keeps you within your comfort zone as its boundary reminds you of your space.

What is the difference between dream imagery of fence and wall?

A fence is usually not totally opaque but a wall is solidly opaque unless it has small gaps in its design. You can’t see what’s on the other side of the wall.

Dreaming of the walls of your home:

Your home is your sanctuary within four walls. You’re shielded by those walls. What happens if the walls are not there? What will the situation be when your home’s walls are incomplete?

Will your home still remain as your home? Will you plan to repair your walls? Or will you move away? If you feel insecure with incomplete walls in your home, you will plan to move out.

Invisible walls:

Invisible walls are non-physical boundaries. Although unseen, invisible walls are tangible because they exist and act on you. For example, gender is a wall and it acts as gender inequality.

Examples of invisible walls:

Race is a wall.

Rules are walls because they restrict you.

Religion and its rules demand followers’ obedience to the word of their law.

Social groups have their own culture. If you belong to one, you have to follow their culture and behave like them.

Another perspective dwells on the possibility that this dream can be an allegory to a problem in a relationship. factor or factors could have contributed the walls of the perimeter of the love relationship coming strain of collapsing. If one of the parties in the relationship turns cold or withdraws, it creates the impression that the walls of the relationship are collapsing. Why does a man withdraw from the relationship? John Gray, the author of “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus”, says “A man automatically alternates between needing intimacy and autonomy.” (Gray, p. 101). He withdraws when he needs time alone. the woman who is unaware of gender differences, will feel confused when her man withdraws. She feels the walls of her emotional security collapsing.

Dream interpretation done in the style of Freud:

Freud related almost every symbol to gender and sex. A dream of collapsing walls could be an allegory to a woman’s uterus collapsing. It may be a reference to a problem in reproductive capacity.

In case you’re searching for info on how to repair a falling wall, here’s a video:

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