Dreaming of falling wall

Have you seen a falling wall in your dream? The meaning of dreaming of a falling wall is that something is crumbling and spoiling in your real life. You have received information during your day’s waking reality, that this is going to happen. This would trigger the dream about a falling wall, or destruction happening.

A falling wall may not be a bad thing in dream interpretation. Dream imagery of a falling wall can mean the boundary that obstructs and divides, may be falling down. The obstructions will be removed. If you’re facing hindrances in your personal life or at work, this dream is a metaphor to tell you that your problems may be over.

If you had seen a falling wall before, the memory may be retained in your brain, only to be replayed in a dream.

While a wall in a dream can be a symbol of a outer boundary of your body, there can be different meanings to other types of walls. If you see a garden wall, or a wall in the external perimeter boundary of your house, it can mean the area of concern is not your body, but about a region that belongs to you. For instance, if you dream of a wall from your garden that is falling down, it can mean something in your possession is at threat of spoiling or getting destroying.

There can be another dream interpretation of a falling wall. Your body is a container of your being, and like a house. As with all houses, there are walls. To dream of a falling wall can mean a part of your body has problems and it is failing. In other words, to dream of a falling wall can mean you may be sick.

You can relate to your dream, by reflecting on how it is associated to your waking life.

The meaning of dreaming of a falling wall can be:

  1. Destruction in your waking life.
  2. Threat of spoilage of something in your possession.
  3. Illness in you or someone you know.
  4. The boundary wall that divides people and properties, may soon be gone.

Dreams of rebuilding falling wall.

You may dream of rebuilding a falling wall. This dream interpretation says your brain thinks you can salvage the damage by rebuilding. You can mend and repair something tangible or intangible, that has been spoiled. You should listen to your dream and try to rebuild, before totally giving up and leaving.

A wall is a barrier. When it falls, it means the obstacle has fallen. A wall is a boundary. When it falls, it means the boundary is gone. In waking reality, a fallen boundary may be a good sign. The falling wall can imply the barrier to a relationship is down. Maybe the relationship will improve. The metaphor is a falling wall. In reality, the falling wall of boundary and barrier can lead to improving relationship ties.

Gardener said hello.

One of the most famous walls on earth is the old Berlin Wall. The falling wall happened in November 9, 1989. Around 500,000 people assembled in East Berlin to travel out because of an error in a public announcement that did not state they needed to apply for visas to travel out of East Germany. Officials thought they had no choice but to open the barrier to allow people to walk through. Some people started hammering at the wall with hand held tools to crumble it. A small portion of the original wall still stands in Mauerpark (Wall Park). Germans who are old enough to understand the significance of the falling wall commemorate 11/9 every year.

More dream interpretations about falling wall:

As we all know, dream analysis depends on the dreamer’s personal context at that point in time when they had the dream. For instance, if they are experiencing a relationship problem, and one night they have this dream of a falling wall, it can mean this. Maybe a supporting wall, which is a symbol of a foundation wall of the relationship, has crumbled and is falling. The personal situation has triggered and stimulated the dream imagery of falling wall.

Very rarely does a dream about a falling wall translate into a physical wall falling. Sometimes, the dreamer may see a dream of a falling wall, if they have seen visual stimulation input that a wall is crumbling and falling down.

A wall may not be a physical wall. It can be a metaphorical wall, a reference to a barrier put up by yourself. This wall can be for defence and protection. This wall can be a boundary to mark your personal space.

To dream of a falling wall can mean your barrier to the outside world, is crumbling. You may have decided to slowly let down your guard, or to remove this barrier, to live a free and more sincere life.

Using these basic concepts of dream analysis and interpretation, we can decode variations of this dream. For example, if you dream that part of a wall is falling down, you can decipher this meaning. It can mean a part of the underlying structure of masking, deception and protection, is being removed. This can bre a sign for you to plan to do something about this warning. You can either decide to remove the rest of the wall if you’re ready to face the world. Or you can decide to shore up the foundation and structure of the wall.

June 2021

A few people on social media have written about having dreams of a building collapsing, even before news was announced about the condo that collapsed in Surfside, Florida. We have no way of verifying their claims. We can only believe in good faith.

Dream of your house walls falling down:

If you dream of your house’s walls crumbling and falling down, what does it mean? To dream of walls crumbling, can mean either a physical structure is not strong, or an intangible matter like your personal foundation/ moral values/ ethics, is degrading. This is a warning type of dream. You might have to do something to prevent the crumbling, shore up the “walls”, and make it better.