Dreaming of dead people being alive (Don’t be scared)

This book explains why anyone might dream of dead people being alive. The common myth is that the deceased has a soul, which comes to visit the dreamer. However, in some religions, this myth is not accepted. For example in Catholicism, after the death of the person, their soul goes into heaven, hell or purgatory. Once the soul leaves the body, it is not allowed back on earth. So using this religious doctrine, followers of Catholicism can not allege that a soul of an ordinary deceased laity, may return to earth to manifest in a dream. That is the simple argument. However for complex cases, there could be deviations from this normal route.

How do we interpret dreams on dead people? There are many causes for these dreams.

We may dream of a dead person if we had many memories of them. If we had close associations with the dear departed one, there would be many memories. And inevitably, there will be increased frequency of one of these memories popping up in a dream.

If we had remembered and thought about the dead person, this theme may continue into the night’s dreams. Nostalgia may trigger the dream.

Strong emotions during the day may trigger the replay of old memories in a dream.

If you know the deceased well and know that they have unfinished business here on earth, then you might dream of the deceased because you have this knowledge. Maybe your conscience has nagged at you. Maybe you feel the inclination to help complete the unfinished business. This type of dream is also a recall of old memories which gave you the knowledge that the person had a task which was incomplete at that time.

Dreams of dead people are frequently caused by one of these psychological reasons. The book below talks about what it means when someone dreams of a dead person.

This is Dreaming of dead people being alive:

Dreaming of dead people being alive
Dreaming of dead people being alive

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