Dream of Husband’s Mistress pics #8

The dream of husband’s mistress really ended up in the husband leaving his wife. Then the neighborhood buzzes with gossip and evil plots to harm the cuckold wife.

Old Man Jim has his plan to gather people to his side of the fence before launching a gang attack on Penelope. He gaslights Penelope. Set her on fire by flaming her as a seductress. He tells people to steal her apartment and kick her out on the street. Rhonda is afraid of being discovered herself as a loose woman. She wants to be seen as a good woman who stays away from bad men and women. So Rhonda is quick to take Jim’s side.

Old Man Jim gossips to Rhonda . He does gaslighting on Penelope. He slanders her as having her heart out to seduce & trap men.

If you’re interested to follow this series, watch this blog for more. Other pictures will be in the posts Dreaming of Husband’s Mistress. Please click on the link to read the original post. Story Review in pics #8, and then #9, #10 and etc.

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