Dreaming of a woman who washes herself for one hour

This is a bad dream.

I dreamed I saw a young woman at a large water catchment container. It was in the backyard of a house. She was having her bath while opening the tap to allow water to flow out of the container. She was seated on a low wooden stool. Since the catchment unit was not screened off from prying eyes, the woman used a thin cloth to wrap around her body to maintain her decency.

She was washing her long hair slowly, while letting the tap run. She was washing her upper body, while the tap was open, leaking water. The gushing sound of water was muted by the louder sounds of water splashing down to the cemented ground. The woman used a plastic scoop to fetch water from the tap, to throw it on herself for washing.

The dream seemed to hold no specific meaning for me. The woman continued to bathe and use up water in a most perplexing manner. Somehow, I was informed that the passage of time that transpired was around one hour. She was unaware of my presence, or I was seeing an image through a one way mirror and she wasn’t aware of me. I was puzzled even in the dream. What was I doing here? What response should I show? After some reflection, I thought the dream reminded me of a woman who was vain and proud of her beauty. The dream imagery of her repeated washings was communication about extreme measures taken in the hope of achieving a desired goal. She insisted on doing an action because she wanted her goal.

Dream imagery may not be exact replicas of what you saw and experienced in your daytime. Dream imagery can be invented or spliced and mixed with many pieces. Some pieces of the dream were pure invention, while other bits were real memories.

This explains why dreams are strange, complicated and not exactly what you experienced in your real memory.

Repeated washing of hands or body:

Some people with anxiety issues perform the same action over and over again, because they fear they were inadequate in cleaning.

In Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, a person feels compelled to perform an act like checking something, or washing, because of a suspicion that the previous act of doing the thing, was insufficient. The thought directed action creates a loop which is unbreakable until a more urgent action is required to be performed. After which, the brain may direct the body to re-do the same act again, to confirm the outcome, for mental assurance and emotional security.

If the person believes that by washing herself thoroughly, she would appear attractive and appealing enough for a handsome man to fall in love with her, that is a hope that borders on schizophrenia. Every spinster who desires finding her mate nurtures a hope of attracting a suitable match. However, if that desire is only one sided and did not solicit a corresponding response, then that strategy failed. This person should realize and stop insisting to create a nuisance of herself.

Dreaming of long hair.

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