#100HappyDays Challenge Day 7

Day 7’s prompt says to bring a tourist to the best touristy attraction in your area. I’m going to write about how I wanted to bring myself to see a few small islands off the coast, because I had no tourists to push out.

One week in August, I planned to visit a few small islands off the coast. I did my research on modes of transport to the ferry pick-up point, and then to the ticket office to buy tickets. I checked the island hopping tour itinerary and the last ferry back to the mainland. I looked up travel writing websites to learn about what to write while on the move. I copied some relevant writing prompts and wrote them down in sections of a blank book which was going to be my journal for the day trip.

Then the inevitable happened. The person who was supposed to accompany me, or I accompany her, bailed out on me. She didn’t like the idea of packing her own food and water for the island hopping day trip. The tour guidelines warned there were no food outlets selling cooked food and all visitors had to be responsible for bringing their own food and drinks.

Well, I was happy on Day 7 anyway. I was glad I didn’t have to go on the trip because it was going to be challenging and tough on the food and water.

Dreaming of paddling, dream of rowing, Dream of boating

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