Dreaming of a wall

Take selfie and walk into lamp post.

Dreaming of a wall is bad news. It signifies a big obstacle in the path of the dreamer.

In waking reality, the person probably faces challenges or obstacles in their path. If I don’t see obvious “walls” but still encounter opposition in my path, I would look for people who are opposing me. For they may be the human wall of resistance.

In your dream, did you see a physical wall? Maybe this wall denotes the boundary. You have reached the limit and can’t move forward.

A wall is a dream symbol for physical block. You can’t see behind the wall. This theme could be a reflection of what you encounter in waking reality. You see a wall and don’t know what’s behind it.

People with claustrophobia are afraid of small, enclosed spaces. When they are anxious during the day, they may dream of walls, or small rooms.

A wall in a dream can be a metaphor, about an object that blocks your path. You may reflect on whether you wish to climb over the wall. In waking reality, if you face a “wall” that obstructs you, do you wish to acquire a skill or resource that helps you overcome this block? Dreaming of a wall could be a message from your inner mind. It could be a message telling you to overcome your hindrance to get to the next stage.

Dreaming of building a wall
If you dreamed you were building a wall, then the meaning changes entirely. Building a wall is a constructive act. You were doing something useful. A wall that is built with intention, is probably for defining boundaries. Or to keep out undesired elements like strangers and wild animals. You have been conferred some respect and honor by being assigned the builder of the wall. Perhaps in waking life, you have a positive project going on.

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