Dreaming of being lost

Dreams continue themes in waking life. So when the person is morally lost, directionless, physically ill or mentally disturbed, their dreams will continue the prevalent themes.

Freud said dreams are the first sign of mental disturbance as they manifest the symptoms with disturbing imagery. Even before the person shows behaviors or speaks of abnormal thoughts/ emotions, their dreams will be the first to indicate deviations from their norm.

Internal organs which are sick send signals to the brain to inform it. The organs ask for action and attention to address their problems. When they are lost in their troubles, they ask for help.

Based on similar arguments, a person without morals, will not be dreaming about being righteous. A person with good moral values, will not dream about doing wicked deeds. For dreams can only continue the person’s themes in waking hours. In dream world, the dreamer can not be a different person from who they are in waking life.


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