Dream of tulips means

If you see tulips during the day, you may dream of tulips at night.

Zadie Smith was busy in her rat race through Market Garden, New York, when a strange sight took her breath away. Pink tulips with orange highlights. Smith’s book of six essays, named Intimations, was written in the beginning of lockdown in the US. She compiled these essays to make a book because she wanted to donate her royalties to charity, to aid those suffering during this pandemic of Covid-19 in 2020.

She saw tulips in her day. She might dream of tulips in her night.

What do tulips mean in dreams? Tulips mean new beginnings, joy, happiness and deep love. Tulips can also mean a while lot of other attributes too. Good ones.

The fact that Smith saw tulip, a flower that symbolizes much new beginnings, during her ordinary day routine in the midst of the world battling Coronavirus, is akin to the Universe sending its message. Mind you, Smith emphatically states that she wasn’t the only woman who saw and appreciated the tulips. Two other women were equally mesmerized by the sight of tulips growing in a tiny intersection where three roads met.


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