Dream of ruins

Dreaming of fire burning a building.

One night, I had a dream where I saw a partial beautiful building. I say partial because it was destroyed by time. More than half of it was in ruins.

I had a strange feeling, like I was intruding on someone else’s space. This place belonged to the generations of people hundreds or possibly thousands of years ago. It was like a kind of time travel, only delayed and no longer seeing the glory of the building in its hey day.

I felt I didn’t belong here. I was uncomfortable. This feeling grew stronger and stronger, until I was jolted awake. I was relieved. What was the meaning of my dream? Dreaming of a ruins can be a hint that my daytime activity/ project, will be damaged. It may indicate I face a lot of hard work if I wish to continue to make something out of the ruins.

Writing prompt from What Pegman Saw. (Photo of ruins in Lod, Israel)

Extra thoughts on dreaming of ruins:
Dream of ruins –
To dream that a building is in ruins, can signify that your body (which is the body), is in ruins. Please reflect on the state of your health. Do you need to eat better? Do you get enough rest and sleep? What can you do to ensure your physical needs are met?

If you are dreaming of ruins, it can’t be a good thing, right? Yes, because the dream metaphor of ruins means your waking life is not in shape. Fear not. If you think the figurative metaphor applies to your life, then you need to start rebuilding. Like the phoenix which rises from the ashes of ruins, so can you.

On the other hand, someone may be thinking of betraying you to ruin you. The dream imagery of ruins can be a metaphor to warn you to be careful. Maybe you had a suspicion of this person and at the back of your mind, the doubt is gnawing at you.

Dreaming of ruins can have another interpretation. Who are the former owners of the place before it fell into ruins? What’s the background of their story? Will the same setting trap you and make you the next ruins?

If you’ve ever had the dream of ruins, please share your dream. Thank you.


  1. An interesting take on the prompt picture. Imaginative and informative – well done!

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