Dream of man’s ego boasting of conquering women

What does it mean to dream of a man’s ego boasting of conquering women? The dream interpretation could be a warning, to remind you of the danger of proud egos who never admit failures, mistakes and rejections.

One night, I dreamed I saw a strange man who was disturbing me. He was shouting at me using abusive language. I had no idea the dream was prophetic, until I moved into a different neighborhood. There was an old man who worked at the main gate of my neighborhood. He approached me to tackle me. Then he took offence when he was rejected. He started shouting lies and slandering me. This has been going on for almost 5 years. Last Dec. 2020, I started moving my belongings away. I made multiple trips shifting boxes. Then I returned multiple times to clean, wash and polish the apartment to prepare it for the next incoming residents.

The Old Man who works at the gate has seen me moving out and returning for many days. His ego does not permit him to admit defeat. He still talks boastfully about having the capability to attract women. He speaks of emitting charisma and magnetism to attract women to return to his space to see him.

The old man on the left thinks the world of himself. He thinks the woman is returning to stay in her old home, despite knowing she has moved all her possessions out. Old Man thinks she returned because she fancies him, for some unknown reason.

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